Dr Natalie and Max

Dr. Natalie Soligo, DVM

"Pawsitively" the best alternative in-home care for your pet!

No cages, No stress, No kidding...
Club Paws... the ultimate in home treatment for your pet!

Club Paws provides a unique alternative to kennels and other caged boarding facilities. We offer boarding services by matching your pet to one of our private guest homes. Our guest homes have been carefully screened and thoroughly inspected to ensure that your pet will enjoy a safe and fun loving vacation.

Club Paws conducts an extensive interview with you, the pet owner, to assess your pet's needs, likes and dislikes. The information is analyzed and cross-checked with the data from our list of guest homes. Your pet is then placed in a guest home that closely resembles the pet's regular home and lifestyle. Club Paws guarantees that, as our guest, your pet will enjoy the same comforts of home in a caring and loving environment.

Rules of the Program

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